You mean Kalamazoo is a real place?

A friend of mine voted this morning. He lives in the Kalamazoo, MI, area, though his actual address may be Portage or something else. He reported that the optical scanner for the color-in-the circle ballots used in his precint wasn’t working.

This is one of the major reasons that electronic voting machines are a BAD IDEA.

My friend filled out his ballot as usual. If the scanner cannot be fixed, the ballots can be hand-counted. The voters can vote without any hiccups. No one is frozen out.

If/when this happens in a precinct with electronic voting machines, the place will SHUT DOWN until the problem is fixed. There will be no paper records to count, at least in many places.

And for all the worry about software glitches and hackers messing with the results on electronic machines, what about the possibility of sabatoging the electrical supply to certain precints on election day? You don’t have to be a software geek to pull that one off.


  1. Marker pens on paper here in the 6th largest economy in the world (run by the Terminator no less) Any jokes about ‘high’ tech kahlifornia will be frowned upon.

  2. Kalamazoo was a very real place for me. I was stationed on board USS Kalamazoo AOR-6 for 4 of the most grueling, back-breaking, soul-crushing years of my life. The Navy keeps certain ships around that fulfill very specific missions, but tries to crew them with sailors that fail out of A-schools, or get reprimanded for some infraction, or get ‘De-Nuked’, or whatever reason. These are not ships you will see on a recruiting pamphlet either. I’ve never been to Michigan, but I heard the city of Kalamazoo was a bit involved in our decomissioning.

  3. Yes, indeedy…..Kalamazoo (Native American place name I think) is for real. Scenic home of Western Michigan University (had many a good party there in the…….on second thought, I’d rather not date myself by admitting how long ago it was LOL!) We also have ‘Hell’ in Michigan as well, it’s quite popular to be photographed standing under the city limits sign! No voting system is perfect, my old township in Gratiot County, used the same type machines my parents used to vote on in the (well…..way back when). The metal booths you step into, close the curtain, flip all the different Democratic or Republican levers for the various races, then pull the BIG slot machine lever to the side to vote. Very satisfying loud metallic sound to making your voice heard! I’m sure they must produce some paper or other documentary record of who you voted for, though I’ve always run out of the polling place once my civic duty was discharged. Hey, this would be WAY cool, and probably energise people who don’t normally vote. You put pictures of all the candidates on the wall, with their party affiliation, what they’re running for so on and so on. Then you give the voter the firearm of their choice to shoot the picture of the candidate they DON’T want! Whoever gets shot the most loses! And if you think they’re all losers……just ask for the M60 and a hundred rounds to hose them all! PS: On second thought that’s probably not the best idea I’ve ever had! DDOOHH!!