UPDATE: Photos from the politically-motivated pause in operations

Last week I posted some photos of the Marines in the Fallujah/Ramadi area. Despite reports that major operations would be held off until after the elections, the Marines have been pretty busy west of Baghdad. Here’s some more:

to be fair, the Marines ARE gearing up for what’s probably going to be a major assault on Fallujah, and it’s probably going to happen within the next week or two. After the election. I don’t believe that it was delayed due to the election, but I’m sure many will claim that it was.

As for the R&R these guys are enjoying during the lull:

These guys are getting some shut-eye after an all-night mission.

A co-worker of mine was with the I MEF during the initial invasion of Iraq. He looked at the pictures I posted last week and wrote

I can remember a pause like that. After we moved so fast to Baghdad we had what’s referred to as an operational pause where we could close up holes in the supply chain. They gave us 5 days…we got it done it 2. One of those many periods of wanting…but not getting…any sleep. We don’t know any other way to do it.

You gotta’ love it.


  1. Wow! Sure wish I could buy those hard workin’ tired Marines a meal, a hot shower,and a decent place to catch a night’s sleep. That’s a tough way to earn a day’s pay. They truly are THE BEST! If you haven’t made a contribution to the USO lately…….this is a DAMN good reason to do so!