There’s no point in me summarizing

Everyone everywhere is doing it.

If everyone was going to jump off a cliff, I would NOT do it.

Well, okay, a little, bit.

Bush didn’t win by as much as I expected, though the congressional races and the popular majority indicate that the GOP win was pretty “solid” across the board.

I wonder if he’s going to pull out all the stops now that he doesn’t have to worry about re-election, and Cheney doesn’t have to worry about running. If Gulianni doesn’t get a high-level position and Bush goes nuts, I guess we’ll know who the GOP will run against Hillary or Edwards or whoever in 2008. If Gulianni is near the top AND Bush pulls out all the stops AND things don’t go extremely well he’s toast before the primaries start.

I really do believe that this was a pretty significant victory for the Republicans. But I’m not overly excited. Relieved, yes. But the EV count was much, much closer than I expected. If anything, this major win by the GOP really sets the stage for the Dems in 2008. The GOP is going to need a “new blood” candidate, I think.

Of course, if the war goes very very well over the next four years, maybe I’ll care about the Democrats’ issues again by 2008.

Big if.

UPDATE: Oh, and I had mentioned that I’m in Detroit and would post pictures if post-election rioters burned down the city.

This morning I was downtown and about to begin snapping pics when I realized it really didn’t look like NEW damage.

I guess Detroit always looks like this…


  1. Hey, take it easy on Detroit. Littering is an art form… It has taken many generations to get Detroit to look the way it does. After all, you are a product of your hereditary and your environment. (stessing environment)

  2. It does not always look like that in Detroit (aka:de-toilet) – Sometimes it snows and turns white for an hour (and then everything goes grey….)

  3. I’m sure DEE-TROIT isn’t the only urban area to look that great. Though…..when I went to the old down town AFEES (Armed Forces Entrance & Examination Station), back when……We got off the bus at the Grey Hound Station; we were cooling our heels in the Station Bar when some REALLY drunken guy became violently belligerant with the bar tender. Eventually threatening to go out and get his gun, then come back and ‘KILL ALL YOU MF’s!!!’ The bouncer, and two Bus Terminal Security Guards (attracted by all the screaming and yelling no doubt) snatched up Mr. Stone Killer, dragged him out onto the sidewalk; where they thoroughly tuned up his civil rights with their night sticks and a sawed off baseball bat. 🙂 They put us up at the down town Howard Johnsons, for the bus ride to the AFEES the next day. The hotel detective (retired 25 year Detroit PD Detective) told us we could find ANYTHING we wanted with in two blocks of HoJos. They might find ‘us’ the next day if we had the good sense to get killed near the alleyway entrance when we were getting whatever it was we had wanted. When we got on the bus to ride over to the AFEES; I couldn’t help but notice there was heavy duty wire mesh over all the bus windows (two of which had bullet holes in them). When we arrived at the AFEES, the glass in one half of the entrance doors was busted out, and boarded over, and the glass in the other door (the wire reinforced kind) had two bullet holes in that too. You ain’t in Kansas anymore Toto! LOL!