Like Kerry, Michael Moore shows class in defeat

In an alternate universe.


This image and the invitation to join the mailing list is all that is currently on It is apparently a mosaic of dead American soldiers.

Michael Moore, more than anything, represents what’s wrong with the Democrat Party. No good ideas. No good alternatives. Just hate.

[(UPDATE 2: Not all Democrats. I mean the campaign and the strategy. I mean with the thinking of many prominent leaders and supporters. I mean the extreme Left-wingers who sell themselves as representative of all Democrats. And usually succeed.)]

You can call it “provocative” if you like. I think you’re wrong. I call it “shameful”.

I want everyone to see what kind of person Mr. Moore is. A lot of folks don’t know. This is an example.

UPDATE: Wait just a minute! 30 photos wide by 47 photos high equals 1410 photos. (that GOP news mill) shows 1122 total dead through the 1st, 866 of those in combat. Add in Afghanistan and you still only have 1261. Michael Moore wouldn’t have “cloned” soldiers, would he have?

And if he did, wouldn’t that call the credibility of his previous works into question?