See? The Secret Evil Genius Plan, Phase 2, is in motion

When the military draft starts back up, remember this:


Sounds good, right? Well, as we all know, TO SERVE MAN sounded good, too. Until momma alien called Jimmy alien home for supper.

On a related note, I’ve read at least three (and maybe four or five) different places that claim the reason DU has barred non-registered members from entering the site is because they are “eating their young”.

Does that seem remotely possible? How are they EVER going to get the youth vote that way? And won’t that kill their tax deductions?

Speaking of DU, my dad told me (hours before they barred non-registered users, by the way) that they would probably need a week or two to compare their meds. I hope they adjust their dosages.

And Free Republic is giddy. Giddy, I tell you!

One last thing: I remember being pretty bitter in 1996 when Clinton was re-elected. I was doubly-bitter since I had chosen not to vote for president due to what I considered to be a lack of viable candidates. My vote would have made no difference, but I had selected to void my right to complain all that much.

I remember wondering what was wrong with Americans. I remember thinking that the system needed to be changed.

And, just like my decision not to vote for anyone, I was wrong about Americans. I was wrong about the system.

What we have works. Very well. In fact, it works very, very well. Maybe even better.

Please note that I’m claiming perfection. It’s not even close. But I’m sure you’ve all heard the old saying “Democracy is the worst form of government ever invented, except for all the other ones.”


Tonight I’m please and satisfied. That’s primarily because I’m on the winning side. I’m there because I think that side is the right side, and therefore I think it’s right that it won.

But I have no illusions.

George Bush is not perfect. George Bush doesn’t even deserve to be on the Top Ten list of great American presidents. (Yet, at any rate. I’ll revisit my judgment in ten or fifteen years.) Our elections are not perfect. Our judicial system is not perfect. The protection of our rights and our liberties is not perfect. Nothing about America is perfect.

But we keep doing mostly right things most of the time. When put that way, we maybe don’t seem very admirable. And sometimes we aren’t. Some would argue (not completely without merit) that right now, in 2004, we aren’t very admirable. But when held up to the standards of our fellow nations and to the standards of history, America has been on, and continues to be on, the right track.

I believe that America and the American system performed quite well yesterday. Of course I think that. I’m on the winning side.

But I don’t believe this only because of yesterday’s and today’s events, though my faith is reinforced by those events. I believe this because history says it’s so. I believe it because, even though Bill Clinton was elected twice in a row, America remains strong. The extremists on one side are “giddy” while those on the other have put up a wall for a chance to sulk in privacy.

It happens every four years.

Because it’s America. And I wouldn’t want anyone to stop, because it’s got us this far.


  1. I think a good caption would be… ‘America, you just got Bush served!’ May or may not be accurate, but damn funny. 🙂