UPDATE: Like Kerry, Michael Moore shows class in defeat

My first thoughts after the election… (4 Nov 2004 entry)

Well, I wasn’t totally 100% sure that that collage of pictures used to make a portrait of President Bush’s face was made up of fallen US soldiers. I guess I’m still not 100% totally absolutely sure, but today’s bit of wisdom on Moore’s site is simply a long list of names followed by

May they rest in peace.

And may they forgive us someday.

— Michael Moore

Plus, he finally titled yesterday’s “post” THE WAR PRESIDENT.

Should we check the list of names for duplicates?

As I pointed out yesterday, the image of Bush is made up of 1410 individual pictures. As of yesterday, 1261 American soldiers had died in the war if you count Afghanistan and soldiers killed in non-combat situations.

I’m not minimizing the loss of life. I’m also not ignoring the fact that everyone everywhere, even the most pro-war among us, predicted more US deaths even before we reached Baghdad. And thousands more were expected (and even hoped for) in the fight for the city.

Wouldn’t Mr. Moore’s oh-so-deep-and-clever statement be made more solidly if he didn’t have to duplicate images or use images of soldiers not killed? (I haven’t examined the portrait closely enough to determine if there are duplicates or not. Maybe he’ll make a higher-resolution version available for us to do so.)

UPDATE: Okay. I did take a closer look. Blowing the jpeg up to 200% (which basically renders it to crap) reveals some duplicates. I’ve snagged a sample for your perusal.

(Click for closer view of cheating)

Please note that I did this in only a couple minutes and that, given the poor quality of the enlarged jpeg, I may have made some mistakes. Or overlooked additional duplicates. Judge for yourself.

In addition, I sent the following email to michaelmoore.com:

Do you have a larger, better-resolution version of THE WAR PRESIDENT available?

I’m curious about the fact that the image seems to be made up 1410 images. Are the soldiers pictured all soldiers who have died in combat? Or died in the theater of war? It seems to me that there would have to be duplicates to reach this total, even if you include Afghanistan.

Some clarification about the individuals pictured would be appreciated.

Also, was permission from the families of the pictured soldiers acquired before this was published? Or even requested? If not, isn’t this the same sort of exploitation of “victims” that Mr. Moore speaks out against?

Please forgive me if I’ve got it wrong. The image was posted without any explanation, so we’re all in the dark.

Thanks for your attention in this matter,


Think I’ll get a response?

UPDATE 2: A Freeper notified me that this isn’t even a new collage and pointed me to a high-res version. Maybe everyone knew that except me. It’s from July at the latest. Obviously, there were fewer American deaths as of July than there were as of November 2nd.

Here’s a grab of the extreme upper right-hand corner. I won’t even bother circling matches. See for yourself:

(Click for closer look at duplicates. Entire image available here.)

Mr. Moore doesn’t even have an original thought to share. And his Big Point was made by someone else over three months ago.

I had meant to ask michaelmoore.com about the collage’s origins when I emailed them, but I forgot and then decided it wasn’t worth sending a second message.

I realize that this guy is a clown. But many people don’t. I get the feeling from many people that I know who say they “know” F911 was nothing but propoganda that they really give him at least some credibility. I feel it’s my duty to help point out his shortcomings.

Besides, it amuses me.


  1. This is coming from a man who believes a college education helps support terrorism. He used some of the pictures more than one time you dumb redneck to complete the picture, that doesn’t mean those soldiers are any less dead. I can’t even believe a dumb backwater hick has the capacity to maintain a website like this. The worst part about it is you guys call yourselves Christians, hey dumb-ass one of the ten commandments is thou shall not kill. I was wondering if that commandment had an asterisk by it saying it was ok to kill because a Texan, who by the way did cocaine and as racked up a few DWI’s, said it was right. You assholes are just a bunch of sheeple brainwashed by the status quo. As long as the gun store opens on Monday you don’t give a shit what goes on. Try independent thinking it’s a blast.

  2. Liberal: Spoken like a true independent thinker. This post was in response to the outcry of a Bush campaign ad that used duplicate soldiers to make it appear that there were more in attendance than really were, which I criticized at the time as being dishonest. But I guess it’s okay to do that, since as you point out, he just used some of the pictures more than one time to complete the picture and it doesn’t mean those soliders were any less alive. Thanks for your though-provoking commentary.