UPDATE: The monthly MSNBC Jobs Report disappointment is due once again


Thankfully, the pattern of MSNBC’s jobs reports coverage, like that of the final Redskins home game before an election, is broken this time around.

Now, if they’re right (or at least even-handed) the next 10 or 12 times in a row, they will have gone a long ways in re-establishing their credibility on this subject with me…

And which report do we use to determine whether Bush is the first US president to lose jobs during a 4-year term in who-knows-how-long? Seasonally-adjusted, or not? And which months, exactly?

I’d like to know now to prevent arguments next year when one set of numbers says he added jobs and another says he lost jobs.

What do MO readers think? Which do the media and opponents of Bush (not always differrent entities, I realize) use? What are the merits of each?

Murdoc wants to know.