WHY WE ARE IN IRAQ : Military Bases Are A Requirement, Democracy is Merely an Elective

This past spring I started working on a big post about our plans for basing US military forces in Iraq for the long-term. That grew into an outline for our long-term vs. short-term needs and goals in Iraq. From that came the plan to put together a major project-sized Murdoc’s Summary of the Fourth World War.

Don’t hold your breath. I haven’t even written about the Purple Map yet. If I can’t manage to write about that, how will I ever manage to put together a Major Project?

In the meantime, go read this discussion of military basing in Iraq on American Digest. I just found it today, but it pretty much summarizes what I think we’re doing. (I’m not convinced about the water angle, though.) Worth a look. (via One Hand Clapping)