I don’t think the word “elixir” gets used enough. I intend to right this grievous wrong by posting this.

Hopefully, this post will garner enough incoming links to climb to the top of the google rankings.

(Somewhere, someone knows why I posted this. Pity them.)


  1. Elixir – Something in the water then? We jsut posted the County by County map of the entire United States showing Red and Blue Counties – Did you know that almost all of the ‘Blue Counties’ are areas of a major metropolis with water problems? Something in the Water – Chlorine bleaches brain cells? …and creates stupid people? Which means that the bottled water movement can create another Elixir of its own? Who is in control of Pepsi (Aquafina)? Can we rid our nation of Stupid People in a single generation just by Free Enterprise controlling the water supply (bottled water supply?)?

  2. lessee, Leftists fiendeshly plot to put Chlorine in the water; and the Rightists casually dump Lead/mercury waste in the water…where’s my rain barrel?

  3. Garfield: So basically this is all ‘Communist infiltration, Communist indoctrination, Communist subversion and the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids’? Now, I’ve got my own thoughts about urban areas and polarization. But none of them involve the quality of the drinking water. Though that might explain why so much of the rest of the world supported Kerry… Anyway, make sure that your spelling is correct while writing about how stupid other people are. And I know that you were 100% totally serious about all this.

  4. The Liberal Elite feel that the U.S.A. is no longer an ‘Enlightened’ or ‘Educated’ country, apparently because the majority voted to accept the moderate centrist view that the current GOP has embraced. Since the Liberal Elite feel that we are not ‘Enlighted’ or ‘Educated’, I just thought that a few mis-spelled words ought to be appropriate – since I was educated in their public education/indoctrination program and still managed to pull out a college degree – and still vote with the GOP no matter how centrist they stay.

  5. The GOP is centrist? The GOP is moderate? I guess I need to stop drinking the water. Oh, wait, our water’s not chlorinated. That makes two things Garfield is wrong about.

  6. For the record, it was the come back about the misspelled words and public education that I was impressed with. Cleverness under fire, and all. Still, wasn’t it the fluoride that wast the threat to our precious bodily fluids, not chlorine?

  7. MO started with Elixer, and a teaser: ‘(Somewhere, someone knows why I posted this. Pity them.)’ Inquiring minds want to know the meaning of Elixer, and with the election over the only folks I pity are the loosers – – Just made me think that it had to be the water that was the loosers ‘Elixer of Life’ Besides, I live on well water flowing from Lake Michigan and filtered through the sand poluted by years of industrial growth and management oppression of labor (no chlorine or floride).

  8. Forget the water BS, I’m still stuck on the GOP is moderate centrist comment. Can’t see where he got that from.

  9. The GOP is not the ‘Religous Right’, and Our Presidient George W. Bush (I voted for him both times and I think he is good for our country) would have signed the Asault Weapons Ban into permanent Law if it got to his desk (his words), and the GOP platform has started to take up the social issues typically carried by the Dems in the past. By saying the GOP is Moderate and Centrist (a seat of the pants average), I am recognizing that they are not controlled by the Right Wing extreme as they are accused. The ‘Left’ is so far out there that the center looks to be ‘Right Wing’ to them.

  10. The ‘Left’ is so far out there that the center looks to be ‘Right Wing’ to them.’ I happen to agree with this statement in most cases. On the other hand, I think the opposite is also true in most cases. Just like all Republicans are not Bible-banging gun-loving rednecks, all Democrats are not welfare-loving hippie Commies. When you’re on one ‘side’, you can easily recognize gradations within your ranks. But seeing differences between those on the other side isn’t as easy since you don’t understand their thinking as well and you think they’re all different than you so who cares exactly what *sort* of different they are? They’re wrong, and that’s that. Both sides have their zealots and false prophets. And both sides have their fervent supporters. But I truly think that, for the majority of the folks involved, it’s simply a lack of understanding that the differences in many cases are superficial. The Devil is in the details, and I think some of those details are important. That’s exactly why I write what I write and vote the way I vote. But I certainly don’t simply dismiss the other side as a bunch of Commies because some of them DO seem to be Communist wannabees. There is a scale, and it’s not pass/fail for either side. Somewhere on that scale is an area called ‘moderate’, and I DO think some current Republicans and Republican policies fall in there. Just like some Democrats and Democrat policies fall in there. All sheep look pretty much the same. Unless you’re a sheep. Then the differences are significant. And I don’t know how this turned into this when all I was trying to do was to raise the awareness of the word ‘elixir’.

  11. Are we going to remain ‘Fleeced’, or can we find out what the original post on ‘Elixer’ was all about?

  12. I’m shocked that this post turned into what it has. All I was doing was trying to raise public awareness of the word ‘elixir’. Unfortunately, there’s no ‘big story’ behind it. Just something that grew out of an email correspondence with a friend. I thought he’d get at kick out of it. I wasn’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition…