If I didn’t know better, I’d think ACE was mocking me

(Click for closer look at mocking)

Airborne Combat Engineer has gone off the deep end. He’s suddenly become obsessed with the A-Team.

That is just plain lame, trying to cash in on an old cheesy television show like that.

Note: I haven’t been posting much analysis of the Fallujah battle because I don’t have time to do so AND to also follow up on how wrong I was was about it. Invariably, such follow-ups contain my new theory on what’s happening, which then require me to follow-up later to explain why my first follow-up was so wrong. Vicious cycle.


  1. Hadn’t noticed Chester. I actually think that a lot of what’s going on is more ‘old school’ in many ways than many expected it to be, and that’s thrown me for a loop. I think it’s safe to say that this isn’t the ‘kinder, gentler’ Marine Corps…

  2. Don’t know this ACE guy, but the A-Team is not a cheesy old TV show, but rather a concept which is alive and well: Citizen soldiers ready to right any wrong. If you have been wronged, and you can find them, such a group is ready to help you today. I’m thinking that’s what ACE is thinking.

  3. Hannibal’: No. I think he’s mocking me. That’s what ACE is thinking. And he actually linked to an A-Team episode guide. That takes guts.