Why can’t we all just get along?

Liberal Larry’s Big Bag o’ Hate Mail

Another Empire of Blogs neighbor, Liberal Larry, answers a letter by pointing out why we are so polarized:

Bush promised to be a uniter, but then he turned around and refused to cater to my wants and needs. What you and I must do is reach across party lines, try to bridge the divide between us and find some common ground. So I’ll see you at the Not In Our Name rally this weekend. We’ll all sit around a roaring campfire full of American flags, and tell horror stories about 200 years of U.S. imperialism. Now that I’ve opened the door of friendship, it’s up to you to walk through. You never will, though, if you keep letting Rush Limbaugh do your thinking for you.

Yes, boys and girls. Liberal Larry is 100% about what he writes.

This, however, isn’t too far from what I’ve been seeing a lot of places.

The party that won the presidential election needs to come to grips with reality and give up a lot to meet the side that lost. The party that picked up seats in both the House and the Senate is really obligated to sacrifice some of what it used to win those gains and surrender it to the opposition. (Who lost.) The party which picked up state governorships really needs to get a grip and realize that it’s in the best interest of everyone if they just hand over some of that recently-won power to the side who couldn’t convince enough voters to vote for them.

Just because Republicans won the presidency (with over 51% of the vote), won in the House, won in the Senate, and won in the state executive offices doesn’t mean that they’ve got backing. Gracious winners would really be willing to meet the opposition (i.e., those that lost in all of those races) much more than half-way. Just because they won doesn’t mean that anyone really supports them. I mean, haven’t they looked at the Purple Map?

And from what I understand, Democrats actually picked up some state legislatures. Those are the voices of the people in the states themselves! If that’s not a mandate, I don’t know what is.


  1. Who said 51% was a ‘mandate’? For the record: Presidency: GOP House: GOP Senate: GOP Governors: GOP State Legislatures: DNC Draw your own conclusions.