Careful…We might hurt someone’s feelings


I don’t remember where I found this. I’m sorry. I don’t like to post things without credit or links, but I can’t pass this one up. If it’s yours please contact me and I will give credit where credit is due.

UPDATE: I found the photo at ACE’s. The link was in a comment, not the main post, which is probably why I couldn’t find it again. He says it might have come from Winds of Change.

(And go tell him this A-Team stuff has to STOP. I mean, think of the kids…)


  1. Too funny! I guess even fashion challenged terrorists have a sense of style. Too bad for them their fighting ability wasn’t a little more in shape! LOL!

  2. For some reason I can’t see the photo (I have trouble seeing photos here sometimes), but assuming it is the photo of two ragtags with bags on their heads and a note on the chest of one of them, it was linked in a comment at the ‘Hannibal’ A-Team site, aka ACE. Believe I found it at Winds of Change.