Raw Fallujah Video

What an Army! (Marine Corps, too.)

John at Castle Argghhh! points out the Reuters video that I linked to a couple of days ago, and has a link to a stand-alone version.

If you haven’t watched this, you probably should. Take my word for it.

John writes:

Coupla reasons. You don’t see any of the troops just holding their weapons above their heads and spraying (as in the famous video clip from Saigon during Tet) – they are up and aiming. Well trained, well led, well motivated. Everything Michael Moore says they aren’t. A$$hat.

You don’t see artillery and mortars pounding the city.

Or bombs.

You do see a missile. Guided. Precision.

The troops on the roofs are covering the armor on the roads. The armor isn’t just shooting at everything and blowing it up.

You see how hard it is to find your targets. With a Mark 1 calibrated eyeball, anyway.

And you don’t see the city on fire, or in ruins.

In other words, it doesn’t look like this.

And ya hear a little ‘battle talk.’ Heheheheheh.

And that is a testament to the American warriors and their Iraqi allies who are taking have taken the city.

Now, you certainly see some heavy weapons shooting up some buildings. And one, in particular, is going to need more than a new coat of paint in the living room when the inhabitants return. But this is the US military doing things the right way, and doing them well.

A commenter DOES take John to task for the Saigon comparison, and John points it out. There ARE a number of differences, though most of these differences would be lost on most viewing audiences despite their importance on the battlefield.

Did I mention you should go watch for yourself?


  1. I completley agree with you these guys are doing exactly what they are trained to do, and they are doing it well! Keep up the good work guys. I miss you josh! Be safe and come home soon!

  2. Thanks to all for the link, and saving the video clip. I’d wanted to show it to a couple of co workers (both vets), only to find Reuters did have it listed at their site anymore. I’m not getting any sound through my Windows Media Player with this clip–anyone else run into that? Thanks again for posting it though!

  3. I would just like to say that the American armed forces are the most unprofessional trigger happy bunch of idiots in the world! It scares me to think my British comrades are working along side such poorly trained fools.

  4. us armed forces are killers not savyors.we pertend that were are helping the iraqi people we are puting throw hell there were better under saddam