Powell Resigns

You knew this already. You also probably know that Condi Rice is a possible replacement. I think that might not be bad, though I wonder if she might not be more valuable elsewhere.

Redstate asks about Lieberman for the position, and I’ve got to admit I’m intrigued by the possibility, longshot though it is.


UPDATE: Well, it appears that they want Rice to take the position. Back in the day when I thought Bush would have a different running mate this time around, I hoped that Powell (despite all the evidence to the contrary) would run as VP and Rice would take his slot at State. Although Bush stuck with Cheney (which I still think was the wrong thing to do, though the election was won) I’m not at all surprised to see Powell step aside and I applaud Rice as a replacement.

I don’t think that Powell very often had a chance to deal from a position of diplomatic strength (to put it mildly) and although I’ve been less than impressed with his results there’s not a doubt that he’s one of the legendary public servants of our time and I watch him retire with regret.

Powell is a great man and widely respected. I really hope they use him. Maybe in the Israel-Palestine talks, which for the first time in my lifetime have the potential to go somewhere.


  1. It would put Lieberman out of the presidential running in 2008, as well as end his political career. I don’t see it happening, especially if Joe has been thinking in the past week or two that he could have won what Kerry didn’t. On the other hand if he does take the job, it is a good sign that he has given up on the Dem party changing its losing ways.

  2. Can you believe Bill O’Riley recommended BILL CLINTON on his show last night? Looks like it will be Condi Rice. Guess she’ll have to wait to have a job in sports, which she’s said is her desire.

  3. ACE…why the disbeleif that someone like O’Riley would recommend a democrat? I think if one truly stops to think about the possible ramifications of that decision you can really see the positive aspects of what could become of it. Slick Willy is a talker. That’s what we need. We need Bush to thumb his nose at the cheese eatin’ surrender monkeys of the world and play up to the patriot spirit of most Americans (myself included) and while we’re out kicking the asses of some other no balls terrorits, Willy can smooth things over with those that may not see it our way…yet.