UPDATE: Powell Resigns

Instapundit on Condi Rice:

I think she’s a good choice, notwithstanding the bipartisan appeal of the Lieberman idea (which was probably a nonstarter anyway, as I don’t think the Dems want to lose any Senators). I wonder if she’s being groomed for a Presidential or Vice-Presidential slot in 2008?

Upside: She’s up to speed on the issues. Downside: She’s been working awfully hard for the past 4 years. She’s probably tired. But hey, when Cheney steps down, she can be moved to the Vice Presidency and get a little rest. . . .

That’s funny, because I’ve been wondering (especially since Cheney went to the hospital with a cold) what the odds were that the guy would make it four more years. Of course, I thought he might not make it the first four years, either.

I was going to comment that I wasn’t exactly sure if the lack of media attention surrounding the appointment of a black woman to replace a black man at Secretary of State was due to advances in our culture or due to the party making the moves. Further down in Instapundit’s post, Rand Simberg of Transterrestrial Musings is quoted

Actually, the fact that it’s not being hyped (overly or otherwise) by the press is an indicator not of progress on America’s racial front, but an indicator that she was appointed by a Republican (you know, the Party of Lincoln), rather than by a Democrat.

I was going to ask what the press reaction would have been had Bill Clinton (or President Gore or President Kerry) done this exact same thing. We’d be bombarded by coverage, Jesse Jackson appearances, and at least two biographical Movies of the Week.

George W. Bush does it and [crickets chirping].

You know I’m right.

Also, in my previous post ACE asked if I had seen that Bill O’Reilly suggested Bill Clinton as the new Secretary of State. I had seen that somewhere, but I wasn’t sure if it was a joke. Apparently it’s not.

To be honest, I can think of worse nominees, but get serious. Plus I don’t think Hillary would want her plans for 2008 damaged by a potentially rocky four years of Bill trying to make our foreign policy work. And now that Arafat is dead, I don’t know that Clinton even brings much to the table in the Israel-Palestine talks.

Rice is a good choice. I don’t know enough about her deputy to know if he’s a good candidate to fill her position as NSA. But even if he’s not quite up to her level (which I think is quite high, though I know not everyone agrees with me) I think the gains we could potentially see by having someone using the same playbook as the rest of the administration could be significant.

We’ll see.

UPDATE: The Moderate Voice summarizes and links to tons of blogger posts on this topic. Very good round-up.