Rossi Wins!*

* = Projected winner, at least.

My brother lives in the state of Washington has basically been obsessing over the governor’s race there.

He’s had an automatically-updating spreadsheet tracking the counting of the provisional ballots, the absentee ballots, and the secretly-jammed-into-the-ballot-box-just-last-night ballots. It’s gone back and forth, and many backers of Republican Dino Rossi have been lamenting the fact that so many uncounted ballots remain in urban, Christine Gregoire-leaning, counties.

So my brother modified his spreadsheet to take into account the returns by county and extrapolate (not sure if that’s the correct term) the results taking remaining ballots per county left.

His method predicts Rossi will win with a 176 50 vote margin. Here’s a shot of the situation and the prediction as of this moment:

Here are his sheets for remaining ballots (left) and results so far by county (right):

(Click any picture for a better look)

If Rossi does indeed go on to win, it would be another feather in the cap of the GOP this election cycle. And if 176 50 votes isn’t a mandate, I don’t know what is.

UPDATE: While uploading a higher-quality screenshot of the main prediction, Rossi’s projected margin of victory shrunk from 176 to 50. If it falls any farther, Rossi may be looking at a mandate-less victory.

UPDATE 2: Now the projection is Rossi by 253. All of this has happened as quickly as I can type. I’m not going to bother updating again.