Not exactly home field advantage…

ELECTION HELL YEAR: Bush’s 2004 election followed 52 1/2 Weeks of (mostly) bad news headlines; a chronology

I meant to post this yesterday. Frank Warner has a week-by-week summary of headlines for the year leading up to the election.

Despite this coverage, Bush won and the Republicans picked up seats everywhere. Bush even improved his percentages over 2000 in states that Kerry carried.

I realize that some negative coverage of Bush is due to ongoing problems, some of them of his own making. I also realize that the sitting president is a popular target, no matter who he is.

And Bush’s re-election says more than a little about John Kerry’s weakness as a presidential candidate.

But Bush weathered quite a media storm. If you look at the stories covered and the way they were covered, and look at the stories ignored, I don’t think you can help but admit that there has to SOMETHING to this media bias thing.

I have no problem admitting that FoxNews, the Washington Times, and Rush Limbaugh are biased. Why do so many people have trouble admitting CBS, ABC, NPR, and the NY Times are biased? Isn’t the first step in overcoming a problem to admit that there’s a problem?

Go read Frank’s post.