Yeah, but is it C-130 transportable?

SBCT deploys new concrete version of Stryker

ACE has the skinny (and a picture) on a new variant of the Stryker LAV. Like the British Mosquito fighter in WW2, this new variant aims to reduce our reliance on metals for our war machine.

(And I’m not sure why he thinks he’s Hannibal when he’s obviously twice as Howlin’ Mad as I am…)


  1. Is the original Stryker C-130 transportable? Technically, yes, but only if you remove the eggcrate and a few other parts, and only if you’re going a relatively short distance. Thanks for the link, even if you did pick the silliest post of the day. Are you trying to make the old man look bad, Murdoc(k)?

  2. Are you trying to make the old man look bad’? Nope. I’ll leave that to you. ;] Actually, I thought that was seriously funny stuff. And MO attracts a certain type of reader that is likely to find it humorous. As for just picking the silly post today, I can’t link to ALL of your good stuff. There’s too much. This would just end up being Airborne Combat Engineer (West Division).

  3. Oddly we may very well see armoured vehichles built out of concrete. Not your average mixxed-it-in-m’wheel-barrow concrete, but there are a vareity of high tech concretes out there, including light weight, flexible, and/or explosion resistant (damn near proof) concretes. Differently there also is a super strong bulding material being made from processed coal…yeasss C O A L. go figure. These may very well be armouring tomorrows tanks.