MO is #224 on the NZ Bear Traffic Ecosystem

Thanks to the recent surge in traffic due to the magic spreadsheet, MO has moved up to #224 on the NZ Bear Ecosystem (Traffic). I’m still languishing down at #2261 on links, though.

I realize that this jump into the top 250 is only temporary. But I’ll enjoy it while it lasts and I hope that some readers who stopped by to pick up the spreadsheet will find other things they like and will come back again.

Why is it that so many people have so many more links that I do despite the fact that I outdraw most of them by a huge margin? Do they all join those link-swapping coalitions like Blogs for Bush? Isn’t that a bit cheap? Or not?

My own blogroll is maintained manually and if a site is on there it’s for a reason. I’m not necessarily endorsing the sites I link to, but I personally check them out from time to time and consider them worthy of a link, at least.

I’d rather have traffic than links, and I’d rather have a quality site than traffic. But in a kinder, gentler world I’d like to have all three.