Didn’t Bruce Willis use this in THE JACKAL?

Internet animal hunting begins

A reader sent me this link. When the email arrived I was reading about it on Transterrestrial Musings who has more links and some thoughts.

UPDATE: Someone on the email list responded

I give it three weeks until someone hacks into the system and shoots the retriever.


  1. Why haven’t we set up half a dozen of these in the troubled areas of Mosul? We could put them on overwatch, and have the controllers in secured bunkers. Man, can you imagine this set-up with a 7.62 mm GE minigun? Make an armored turret that you can roll out of the back of a 5-ton, spike it down in an intersection, and VOILA, instant traffic control for Sadr City. Or how about one that you can sling-load under a blackhawk, put down on a corner rooftop, and run the cables down to a room in the middle of the building. Post a platoon to secure the building/block, and you’ve got a beautiful setup. Even better, put a ps2 controller on it, any GI’d eat it up!