If my little girl gets it…

While my wife spent the afternoon watching football, I watched CASABLANCA. (How’s that for playing against type?) My six-year-old daughter sat and watched it with me (eating a fair share of M&Ms in the process), and I tried to explain a bit of what was going on so she’d understand, especially why the Casablanca Police commander Capt. Renault had to do what the German Maj. Strasser said even though he was French.

She apparently understands more than I thought.

At the end, when Rick shoots Maj. Strasser and Capt. Renault’s police officers arrive after the plane leaves, I asked her what she thought would happen.

“They’ll arrest Rick,” she answered.

When Renault instead told his men to “round up the usual suspects”, I asked her why Renault didn’t arrest Rick and instead is going to let him go. She thought about it for just a moment before answering.

“Because he wants to be free,” she said simply.

Sometimes, in fact oftentimes, kids completely amaze me.