But they’re not supposed to do that



FALLUJAH, Iraq – Marines from the 1st Marine Division shot and killed an insurgent, who while faking dead, opened fire on the Marines that were conducting a security and clearing patrol through the streets here at approximately 3:45 p.m. on 21 November.

I can’t wait to see the utter outrage from Chris Matthews and the rest of the Legacy Media over this.


  1. I don’t know for sure, but the Pentagon said it happened on 21 November so it must be something different. I’m sure they were simply making a public statement to ‘go on the record’ publicly about this sort of thing in the aftermath of the Sites video. My impression for a long time has been that this happens quite often. Could be wrong, I guess, or just outraged at a few isolated incidents. But there are many other documented incidents going back to the first days of the invasion. It’s a tough job over there (to say the least) and I’m willing to give our guys the benefit of the doubt. At the same time, I think that things like the Sites video incident should be investigated fully to ensure that our guys deserve that benefit of the doubt and that if there are individuals who jeopardize it they are stopped.