Fallujah locations

Despite the Legacy Media’s fascination with Kevin Sites’ video of the Marine shooting a wounded insurgent, the Battle for Fallujah will go down as one of the most brilliant urban assaults in military history.

For a Power Point presentation of info and images detailing what was found in the city, go see Soldiers for the Truth.

Here’s a nice summary grab:

(Click for better look)

(via FR)


  1. No way they found all that stuff just by driving around. Hopefully this means neighbors are snitching on the bad guys. In the long run, the only way to defeat these kind of insurgents is for the locals to decide they don’t want them around and turn them in.

  2. The sniper positions are obvious. They find weapons caches the same way the enemy does: a brick tied to a cable, and slung over a wall near the cache…or so I hear. They might have gotten help with the factories and the hostage buildings.