UPDATE 2: WA Recount Spreadsheet

Get the spreadsheet here (If you have a version older than 1.24, download it again.)

The WA.gov site changed it’s layout, and our sheet was broken temporarily. Fortunately, my brother took time off from his vacation to modify it (that seemed easier than hacking the WA.gov site and switching it back to the way it had been, I guess) and it once again works.

I see that a other few sites are now posting “unofficial” numbers. I guess they couldn’t compete with Murdoc. Murdoc only uses real, official, certified numbers. Packed with 55 vitamins and minerals.

Take a look.

Meanwhile, Sound Politics (a hotbed of activity during this quagmire) has a couple of interesting tidbits in A Democrat’s “Tie”

According to the Seattle PI:

Both political parties were poised to request a rare hand recount if they don’t like Wednesday’s results. That count would take until nearly Christmas to complete.

It looks like that’s the only way we’ll ever break this tie,” state Democratic Party Chairman Paul Berendt said Tuesday.

I do not think that word means what he thinks it means.

And one of Sharkansky’s friends has been observing the recount and writes:

After observing many, many ballots, one conclusion I may draw is that Republicans tend to follow the instructions on the ballots, while Democrats ignore them.

Offered without comment.

UPDATE: Here’s a screenshot of the spreadsheet: