So is Rummy like Bosley?


Chuck Simmins, an EMT by trade, writes:

Here’s a great story about three young women serving as medics in Iraq, all from the Dakotas.

And a pic:


Go read.


  1. Hats off to these three soldiers! Like many soldiers, they’re working in very difficult, unpleasant conditions at some tasks they’d rather not have to do. Despite that, they’re demonstrating the maturity and professionalism to get on with the job anyway, that characterises our military. Like most public service jobs; they don’t pay you for the easy days; and they can’t pay you enough for the really bad days! Happy Thanksgiving to these three soldiers and all our men and women in uniform!

  2. [comment deleted by Murdoc] This comment has the honor of being the first ever deleted on this site. Congratulations.