Move along. Nothing to see.

I hope no one has been bothering to follow that discussion that started about the Apache video on that message board.

For more info check out my earlier posts on the subject. In summary, it seems that since I don’t use my real name on this site, nothing I say is worthwhile. The discussion devolved into a debate about the value of a pseudonymous identity and the relative merits of message boards and blogs.

Today, instead of replying to my points about the Apache video or even replying to my points about the pseudonym issue or the board/blog issue, he gave me a list of questions to answer and told me he was going to nominate me for a Chickenhawk Award or some such thing.

I don’t know the guy or much about him (despite the presence of his real name), but I imagine I’ve been called much worse by far better. Maybe not. I don’t really care.

My final reply this morning was:

Post subject: When logic fails resort to name-calling

Interesting that you seem so obsessed with who I am and not what I say.

I thought that was exactly the sort of thinking that message boards (and even blogs, for that matter) were supposed to do away with if the writing and the discussion was of a quality level.

But attack the messenger if you like. He doesn’t care.

Basically because you have barely acknowledged any of the issue-related points I raised, and when you did you simply fired back abstract observations and ridiculous comparisons, I’m moving on.

As Reality says, I need to get a life.

Thanks for allowing me to play for a while.

I won’t be returning.

One other point. In an earlier question (that went totally unacknowledged) I asked if there was any value to the Federalist Papers, TOM SAWYER, or Prince’s music since they were all published pseudonymously. I was was thinking “Sting” when I wrote “Prince”, an error I would have corrected in the discussion if the discussion had not degenerated to name-calling. Although not nearly as valuable as correcting my mistake on the actual forum where it was made, it seems clear that rational discussion isn’t welcome there. at least where Murdoc is concerned.

(Besides, though I personally believe that Prince is the musical genius of our generation, I wouldn’t have intentionally listed his music (funky though he may be) along with the Federalist Papers and TOM SAWYER. It was a simple mistake on my part, but I have no idea what made me make it.)

I’m not really suggesting you go check out the board, though you are more than welcome to do so if you wish. I believe I was more than fair, but maybe I wasn’t. Anyway, I post the link and the text of my post for archival purposes and as a signal that I’m through with it. I won’t be going back unless someone gives me a compelling reason to do so.

My dad tells me that there’s no talking to some people. I usually disagree with him. I hate it when he’s right.


  1. I still think the best psuedonym of all time is ‘Wat (the) Tyler’ from the peasant’s revolt. A little Templar revenge (with Tyler being a transliteration of ‘tailor’ — French for ‘one who cuts.’)

  2. Dear Murdoc, I assume your referring to the lawyer fellow Traver when you state: ‘My dad tells me that there’s no talking to some people. I usually disagree with him. I hate it when he’s right.’ My daddy often reminded me: ‘NEVER GET INTO A PISSIN CONTEST WITH A SKUNK! I guess both fathers were teaching the same lesson except they used different methods. Heck, now I realize he was correct 99.9% of the time. I wish he was still around so’s I could tell him that!

  3. ‘I won’t be returning.’ I can’t figure out why you were there in the first place. Sorry about your experience, but it seems that it’s all too typical when one tries to discuss things with a person grinding his own political axe. James

  4. I finally had a little time to waste last night, and went over and read all that. From the way he was talking, I was thinking the guy was a Green Beret or something. Then, way down in the discourse, I read he applied for service and was turned down for medical reasons. Of course, he couldn’t help that, but it’s not exactly what I’d call a HIGH HORSE position from which to impugn the motivations of others. He’s just a another WANNABE. His language is stilted,convoluted, and ‘lawyered’ as if he’s fighting with words. It’s a bit to ‘Kerryistic’ for my taste. Ignore him and don’t ever go back. Keep your pseudonym. Some of the greatest writers use/used them. There are crazy people who will come to your house and try to kill you (or your dog) or just key your car if you post your real name, address, and phone number as he did. Not a smart idea. Worst yet, that info helps someone who wants to steal your identity, steal you blind, and ruin your credit rating. Should we do that to him? Nah! His only offense is words. Let’s just ignore him.