Weblog Awards begin soon


Nominations are underway and voting begins on December 1st for the 2004 Weblog Awards.

The Weblog Awards are an awesome way to expand your horizons a bit. Don’t get stuck in a rut reading the same ten sites every single day. This is a good chance to find some new voices.

(Actually, I want you to expand your horizons a bit, but not enough to drop MO.)

Also, if you feel that MO is worth it feel free to consider nominating me. I don’t know that I’ve got a snowballs chance in Fallujah, but maybe a few more interesting types will wander by. And although my traffic puts me in the top 250 blogs traffic-wise, I’m just a lowly Adorable Little Rodent link-wise, checking in at #2363 as of today. So maybe I can turn that crappy ranking into something by making some noise in the Best of the Top 1750 – 2500 blogs category


  1. I’m not enamored with these awards, but since it’s important to you, Murdoc, I nominated you in the category you suggested. Your blog certainly deserves it. Good luck in winning a HUGE TROPHY for your mantle.

  2. Well, thanks for making me sound like a punk for asking to be nominated… Actually, I don’t put much stock into most of these awards, either. But if any are decent, I think this particular one is. And my real interest is to maybe discover a few more interesting sites. And my real interest in being nominated is to possibly attract a few more good readers. I enjoy writing for my site, but part of the real reward, and I imagine part of the real value for most visitors, is the input and feedback left by so many intelligent, knowledgeable readers. Like yourself. So thanks for nominating me, but thanks even more for being part of what makes this site so much fun. Also, I’m going to make a short list of sites I’m going to nominate myself, and you were on it. Do you want me to give you a pass?

  3. Just looked at that page and saw that you suggested adding a military/veteran category. I looked and was disappointed that they didn’t have one. But it never occurred to me to ask for one. Well done.

  4. I was just joshing you, Murdoc. (Should have added a smilie). Sure, nominate ACE if you are so compelled. I get 7K-14K hits a week, but most are searches, so I’d be in the ‘too low to measure’ (a one-cell, maybe) category on the bio scale. There’s another link for suggesting categories. We need to suggest it there also. Thanks for the kind words, and have a great weekend.

  5. I see they’ve now added a Mil blog category (due to popular demand) but they’ve narrowly defined it as blogs by those on active duty, it seems. I nominated MO anyway. I’ve suggested they either broaden it or create another category for veterans and those interested in military matters. Hope anyone reading this is having a great weekend.

  6. PS: Here’s a scoop for you, so you can beat ACE to posting: Defense Review’s latest indirect info on the new SCAR rifle by FN: http://www.defensereview.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=648 Alas, still no photos. We really haven’t seen any quantum jumps in small arms in over four decades. Both the SCAR and the XM8 (your speciality) offer only incremental advances, mostly in modularity and flexibility. I take the enhanced reliability claims with a grain of salt. Now, when our soldiers can fire timed overhead payload rounds over enemy positions, to explode like little grenades, out of a small, lightweight weapon (not something bulky like the OICW), the cost of the conversion will be well worth it. It might require development of a rocket-propelled projectile (something which has been tried before). Then, we’ll be looked forward to some kind of energy weapon (laser or otherwise), like Star Trek had.

  7. ACE: Good job on helping them realize that they needed to add a military category. They seem to have updated the summary to include military-themed sites, not just those by military personnel. So thanks for nominating me again, though I have no illusions about being in the same class as some of those fine blogs listed there. I’m thinking my only hope is my low ecosystem ranking… It’s a little hard to tell from your comment on the nominations page, but not only am I not active duty, I’ve never served in the armed forces. This has come up a few times before, most recently with that lawyer guy arguing with me about my pseudonym, though I think he knew it and was just trying to rattle my chain. I haven’t tried to imply that I’ve ever been in the military, and I hope I don’t suddenly turn into a ‘chickenhawk’, though I can understand why some would see me that way.

  8. They way they now have the category defined, MO fits it fine, I’d say, Murdoc. The important thing is the CONTENT, not the AUTHOR. Plenty of great military reporters never served as soldiers. The only non-servers with whom I have a real problem are those who went out of their way to avoid serving, eg. those who desserted to Canada after their draft numbers were called, and those who studied in England, and such. Did you see where the guy who defected to N. Korea served 25 days? That’s a slap in the face to all those who bravely fought, were wounded, and/or died. I don’t care if he is just a sick, old man now.