Spirit of America Blogger Challenge


You may remember Spirit of America. I think they are helping make a real difference in the world. A few dollars at at time.

So as the holidays approach, maybe think about tossing in a few dollars more. Donations are tax-deductible. And you can donate using Pay Pal if you wish.

They’ve started a Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge, and I’ve added my site to their network. Follow the banner link to donate to the cause through my site, and if MO helps raise $100 after December 1st I get a cool hat and t-shirt.

That right there is what’s called “icing on the cake”. Help Iraqis who need it. Help our soldiers over their get the job done. Get me some new clothes.

Seriously, go take a look and consider tossing in a few bucks. They are the real deal, and they’re fighting the good fight. Tell ’em Murdoc sent you.