Have a nice day

One Shot, One Grin


Found at the Ministry of Minor Perfidy.


  1. When I first saw this (about a week ago), it reminded me of the .50 cal. manufacturer who embosses HAVE A NICE DAY around the end (crown) of the barrel.

  2. Alternate title: HAVE A NICE DEATH (Lotsa luck on collecting those 72 virgins.) 😉 Saw a rerun of one of the ‘Band of Brothers’ segments last night (2-3AM on History Channel). Remember when the Captain Dick saw a young boy on a train during R&R in Paris, and (in his mind) PS’d the boy’s face on the body of a German soldier he shot in battle? I guess some of our soldiers will have such flashbacks later, but knowing you might be shooting a ragtag radical who set off an IED or a shot which killed some of your fellow soldiers has to make it relatively easy to pull that trigger and feel good seeing one more terrorist removed from the face of this good Earth. There are, no doubt, young Muslims who were brought up to be peaceful by their parents, and to only consider non-Muslims ‘Infidels’ to be punished by God and not man; but they have been misguided by the radicals, and the repurcussions of their wayward path is DEATH! Like Toby Keith says in ‘Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue’ (I play it at least twice a day!), the radicals gave us a ‘sucker punch from somewhere out back’ and now we’re ‘out back’ putting ‘a boot up [their] ass! Recently intercepted messages, in which Zarqawi is whining like a little girl about the clerics not supporting the insurgency, indicates they are feeling like ‘the whole world is coming down on [them].’ And, his latest video was just LAME! Looks like it was made before the election. Hey Al Z! Com’n! The election was almost a month ago! Are you running so much like a rabid on a shotgun range that you can’t even make a current tape?

  3. Now this guy is my kind of twisted. Someone make sure he talks to ‘top’ about when he can and can’t do this when he gets back home. You’ve got to love service with a smile. I’m guessing he enjoys his ‘work’.