UPDATE: Impact

The video I linked to yesterday is not, in fact, from the recent fighting in Fallujah. It seems to be from September. See the original post for more info.

Upon further review, I don’t think that’s the same superscript after all.


  1. CBS called me yesterday for a recommendation re. you for the new CBS anchor, Murdoc, but I couldn’t recommend you because you didn’t adequately vet your sources. Sorry. ACE linked to that video clip some time ago, but it was worth watching again. Did you hear Dan Rather say he had conversations with famous newsmen from the past? Jay Leno said Rather was better before we knew his sources. (drum roll) da da dum

  2. ACE: I hadn’t seen you post that video, or else I would have known. It’s funny how so much slips past unnoticed despite every best intention.