UPDATE: MO Comment Policy

I’ve been getting hammered by comment spams, and MT-Blacklist isn’t stopping them since they contain no URLs.

What the value of a URL-less comment is, I don’t know. I thought the whole comment spam idea was to increase google rankings of sites by posting comments with links to that site all over the blogosphere. What good does it do to post a comment with no URL?

Anyway, in my de-spamming efforts I’ve deleted at least a few legitimate comments. My apologies. I will restore them if I can, and include a note about the original time and date of posting. Some of them I cannont repost.

If you feel a comment has been deleted for no good reason, you’re probably right. Feel free to email me and I’ll look into it. If I delete something because I feel it doesn’t meet MO standards, I will replace the text of the comment with “[comment deleted]”. If a comment simply vanishes, it was probably deleted aciidentally.

I added a few notes to my Comment Policy post. I point it out here for auditing purposes.