My feeling exactly

Who Is Yushchenko, Really?

Joe Katzman on WoC:

Ukranian democracy and liberty are goods in and of themselves, and strengthening their foundations is the key rather than the individual candidate choice. The election needs to be adjudicated fairly, and if Yuschchenko wins, he wins. Meanwhile, it’s worthwhile to remember that just because the other side has bad guys doesn’t make the alternative an unalloyed good guy.

You don’t need to be fully versed in the details of the Ukrainian situation to understand this. Obviously, I hope for the pro-US or pro-West candidate to win, but we don’t really know what we’re getting. Meanwhile, it’s the system itself that needs to be maintained and upheld.


  1. Sam: I wish we had even one-tenth the actual control over things that our detractors claim we have. If we did, the world would not look like it looks.