2004 Weblog Awards

Well, it seems that I’m a finalist in the “Best Military Blog” category. It just takes one glance at the others on the list to realize that I don’t have much of a chance, but just being on that list is an honor.

Go check out the blogs in this and other categories. There are tons of good ones. Vote for the best ones. This is a “one voter per category PER DAY” contest, so if you’re serious you’ll want to check back daily.

Later today, the finalists for the best blogs at my traffic ranking should be named. Hopefully I can grab a spot there and have a chance.

The best part of these competitions is the chance to check out other good sites you may not be familiar with. I encourage you to do so, and to vote for your favorites.


  1. Hey I just wanted to let u know taht my bud Mike Zhu told me bout this site. I luv it! I visit it every day to check out thi goods. I love the amount of resources you have on all things military. Anyhow i voted for you, and I got every1 @ my skewl computer lab to vote for you

  2. Siegfred: Do you and torcik know each other? If not, does he know you’re using his computer? I’m not buying votes. As evidenced by my total so far.