1-24 INF in action

From Frontline Photos, some pics of the 1-24 INF, part of the Stryker Brigade, in action near Mosul:

1-24stryker.jpg 1-24strykerb.jpg 1-24strykerc.jpg


  1. Tanner Young is my son. He’s in 1/24 and I’m in Prague on vacation. I don’t have any access to information as to whether or not he’s okay. Can you help? My only contact is through this e-mail. You seem to be someone who might have information. A quick reply would be gratefully received. Rebecca Ortiz (Spc. Tanner Young’s mom)

  2. Hi iAm trying to locate Jason Scott Salazar, 1-24 inf. iWas told to look up website Stryernews.com, click on photo gallery, etc. etc. and that we would be able to see his pic/infantry. Can you help? iAm thinking that the website was copied/misspelled by my brother, his (jases’)father.

  3. I would appreciate it if you could tell me how Sgt martin and Sgt Bailey are doing.. Alphaco1-24Inf, Ft Lewis, WA. I was back there with them and they are good friends of mine. Take care guys. Miss you all, CPT ellis says Hi also, as does Crissy, Ruby, Mike and Jeff. Let me know how you are and what is going on, I will do my best to keep up. Sorry it has taken so long. You can touch base with me at : Alphaco369@yahoo.com…I will do my best to dispese the info as it comes to me. Take care James, PJ. I will talk to you all then. By the way, both numbers have changed, how can I see how the ladies are doing if I do not have a way to contact them…Let me know. Smallman

  4. To the rest of the troops, you guys all take care. Miss all of you that I know. Hope all is well with all of you. Hey Third Platoon, Stay tough, Second Squad, always the best, remember that. If you feel the need, drop a line. I am a POG (92R, rigger)as of this time. That will change soonish, if all goes well. Keep doing the right stuff. Ciao

  5. I am wanting to know if anyone has any information on my brother Pvt. Jason Hooker? And if so you can contact me at the email shown, I would greatly appreciate any information giving on how he’s doing! Thanks again!