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Breaking Point: The Battle of Fallujah

fnc_logo.gifFoxNews will have a special on this weekend about some of the Marines that led the assault on Fallujah:

The U.S. Marine’s India Company was the “tip of the spear” in the Battle of Fallujah — the first to charge into the terror-infested city.

Greg Palkot followed these American heroes through their week in hell — seven days and nights of urban combat. Of the 158 Marines in India Company, three were tragically killed and 25 wounded.

These young Marines make up a real modern-day Band of Brothers. We watch this pivotal battle through their eyes…

The mission starts smoothly, but quickly hits a deadly streak of bad luck. In the end, the mission is a success and a houseful of terrorists is wiped out in a bloody seven-hour firefight.

It looks to have a lot of good interviews and video of the combat. Apparently no bleeping, either.

Check out the preview on the FoxNews page linked to above. (hat tip to the reader who gave me the heads-up on this)


  1. I saw this special (missed the first part but saw most of it). I want more coverage like this. What these guys do is amazing. ‘Thank God for the Marines’.