Well said!

Who needs Hollywood?

Domenico Bettinelli, Jr:

No offense to the well-intentioned person who sent it to me, but I just don’t understand all the effort in trying to make sure that “The Passion of the Christ” wins a Golden Globe or People’s Choice or Oscar or some other award. Who cares what Hollywood thinks? In fact, we already know what they think; they hated it. In fact, they hate everything that smacks of God-fearing, red state, values-laden America, except our money. So why do we keep crawling back to the Hollywood elites seeking their approval? Why do we get so happy when they deign to toss an Oscar at a movie that doesn’t spit in our face when the same Oscar is given to Michael Moore and those like him who have nothing but contempt for us? [emphasis mine]

I love movies. I love them love them love them. I’ve built (well, my wife did most of the actual building) a modest home theater in my basement so that I can enjoy my favorites in all their big-screen wonder whenever I want. I really, truly, love movies.

But boy do I hate Hollywood.

The Oscars are a total sham. Often, of course, they get it right. But they get it so wrong so many times that it’s not worth my time. That’s unfortunate. But that’s what we’ve got.

Often, of course, movies are good. But so many movies that so much money gets spent on are so bad that heading to the local multiplex is rarely worth my time. That’s unfortunate. But that’s what we get.

The movies I think are worth my dollars usually get my money when I buy or rent a DVD. And even then I feel robbed too many times.

Sure, I like to see worthy movies win the Oscar. But I don’t really care who wins. I certainly don’t buy movies based upon the number of Academy Awards it won. Maybe once upon a time it meant something, but I think it’s pretty clear that Hollywood lives in it’s own glittering world and that’s fine with me.

I just don’t care. It doesn’t matter.


  1. Please lets stops bashing Hollywood. Its a business and they only make movies people want to see. If they did not, they would be out of business. I think its called a free market. God-fearing, red state, values-laden America are a bunch of hypocrites. They talk about values but rush out to see movies drenced in sex and violence. If you hate Hollywood so much, why do love their movies so much. You have not answered that

  2. Ah, yes. Big media which supports Bush… As for why I like movies but hate Hollywood: I hate the institution of Hollywood as it exists today. I love some of the movies that are produced. I like a few others. I hate most of them. That probably mirrors (more or less) what I feel about the individuals within Hollywood. I’ll agree that Hollywood makes the movies that people will pay to see. I’m disappointed in the movie-going public, as a whole. That doesn’t excuse the makers of such crap, though.