Updates to the site

First of all: Comments are once again working. I’ve made a few changes, and hopefully they’ll help out. So comment away.

MOid.PNGSecond: This is MO’s new logo. Big Red Moe. Someday they’ll make a movie about this unit starring Mark Hammill. And I’ll be able to afford him on nothing more than my Blogad revenue.

Third: A clarification to MO’s Blogads policy. The limit of three ads running at once will be restated as three PAID ads running at once. Free ads will not count toward the three ad limit. In addition, free ads will always be placed below paid ads, otherwise ads will be displayed in the order received. This is effective immediately. And please visit MO’s sponsors.

Fourth: Go vote for Best Military Blog. If you happen to think MO is deserving of a vote, please toss one this way. I’m getting clobbered.

Fifth: Please donate to Spirit of America. MO has raised $50 so far, but I know we can do better. This is a great cause, and even a dollar or two will help make a difference. $1. $3. Whatever you think it’s worth. Help win hearts. Help win minds. Help win the war.