More Charities

Ryan Shae of Mish Mash put together a great list of charities and forwarded it with this message:

Well, you know it’s Christmas, and everyone is giving a little extra because of the season.

With that in mind, I’m trying to get members of the blogosphere to encourage their readers to make donations to charities.

I’ve included an html attachment of a few charities I think are worthwhile. Each charity has a link to the main site, a brief description, and a direct link to the donate page.

If you are so compelled, feel free to post one or two in your blog, or post the whole list, or link to someone else who has posted the list, or post a charity of your own that you think is a good cause. If you have any suggestions, I will gladly append them to the list I am sending to other bloggers.

But, don’t feel like you are under any obligation. I am not so low as to try and guilt trip anyone about being a heartless uncaring Christmas-Scrooge simply because they will not spare a little HTML for a good cause. :p

Well, to make sure we all are clear on the fact that I’m no “heartless uncaring Christmas-Scrooge”, I’m posting the list in the Extended Entry section of this post. Check it out if interested. A lot of good stuff in there.

UPDATE: Due to problems getting it to display the way I wanted (and sheer laziness) I’ll instead just direct you to the Mish Mash post detailing the charities. It will be the most up-to-date anyway.


  1. Donate for Tsunami survivors. Make a contribution today & provide hope and relief for tomorrow. This is the greatest human emergency of our time! Being a Good Giver Takes More Than Just Heart!