Deleted Comment

I just deleted a comment linking to a site. The comment contained nothing pertaining to the post upon which it was posted, just “MUST SEE THIS SITE!! Really interesting this website…” and a link (which wasn’t formatted correctly). The site was called Jihad Unspun and contains such provocative stories as “REPORT: Mass Graves Of US Soldiers In Iraq” and “In Fallujah: Weekend Battles Raged; US Forces Pinned Down In The North”.

I treated this as spam initially since it fit the profile, but then decided that I would at least mention the incident to record the the fact that I had arbitrarily deleted it. Since the subject matter of the site in question is diametrically opposed to the main subjects covered on MO, I didn’t want to give even an appearance of “silencing” dissent on what I strive to make an open forum.

If you want to read the site, I’m sure you can find it. The comment was spam-like and I don’t really have much interest in hosting it, so it’s gone. I also won’t promise that similar incidents in the future will get the same treatment.


  1. Hi, I just gone through the website mention above. Is it true what they wrotes, about Mass Graves Of US Soldiers In Iraq? It seem reliable story, same as the torture of Iraqi POW/Civillians in Abu Ghuraib. Why not US goverment to double check the fact?

  2. Zorro: I don’t think it’s true, though I’ll admit I don’t know for sure. And no one else seems to think US forces are ‘pinned down in the north’ despite the recent attacks in the area. Since I do know that THAT report is untrue, it certainly makes me question the one about mass graves of US soldiers. If we can’t keep a secret about how we put women’s underwear on a prisoner’s head or how a Marine shot a wounded man during a battle, I’m not sure how we could keep a secret about mass graves of US soldiers.