UPDATE: Marines can find irony in anything

A reader comments on the story of Marines sending somewhat grisly holiday messages home on cut up cardboard boxes:

Just so you know, this isn’t really new. Marines have been doing all along in OIF. I can remember sending these out when I was in country (Iraq) with I MEF.

Although I haven’t heard of this particular pastime before, I think we’re all aware of the Marines’, shall we say, somewhat grim sense of humor at times. I’m reminded of this photo:

(Click for bigger image)

I couldn’t find it online, so I took the liberty of scanning it from my copy of STEICHEN AT WAR (a must-see). It’s captioned

Grim humor on Tarawa. November or December 1943. Charles Kerlee

Tell me you don’t love the Corps.


  1. Speaking of ww2, it is now December 7th. Anyone have memories of that day in 1941, or know someone who does?