63 years later


pearlharbor.jpgSince only about forty people a day were coming to MO a year ago, most people probably missed last year’s December 7 post.

Most people don’t know that the US fired the first shots that day, and that the attack hadn’t even begun when we did so.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, we declared war on Germany. Then we invaded French North Africa.

There was more to the war in 1941 than just getting back at those directly involved in the Pearl Harbor attack and eliminating direct threats to America. Just like there is more to the war we’re currently fighting [than getting back at those directly involved in the 9/11 attacks and eliminating direct threats to America].

Go check out the post from last year if interested in more info (and links) about the combat outside the harbor that morning. And they found the Japanese sub involved in 2002.

UPDATE: Baseball Crank notes another little-known story of Pearl Harbor. (The WEST VIRGINIA is the outboard of the two battleships in the photo in this post. You are looking at a picture of the ship where those three men were. They are in there at the moment it was taken. I find that quite humbling.)