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I’ve got a ton of good stuff from the past several days that I just plain haven’t gotten to. So here goes:

  • In sworn affidavit, programmer says he developed vote-rigging prototype for Florida congressman: Apparently, a programmer has stated under oath that he was instructed to create an untraceable modification to electronic voting machine software by a GOP representative in the state of Florida. Although it’s not mentioned in the article, this was before the 2000 election, not the most recent one.
  • eBay: Want it now: Looking for something particular? Now you can post your request on eBay and let the sellers come to you. In theory.
  • ESR’s Ninth Annual Person of the Year: Enter Stage Right’s Person of the Year award is accepting nominations. GW has won three years in a row. Go nominate someone.
  • Returning Fallujans will face clampdown: It’s too bad that it’s come to this in Fallujah, but it HAS come to this in Fallujah. Hopefully this program won’t have to go on for too very long. It’s not the sort of thing to be proud of. But it seems to be the sort of thing we have to do if we want to succeed.
  • Passion for Fairness: An online site/petition promoting THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST for awards. As I wrote earlier, I’m not personally interested in what films win or don’t win these sham (as I see them) awards, but I know many are. This particular effort was started by Patrick Hynes of (And yes, I contacted them to note that Mel Gibson didn’t direct THE PATRIOT.)
  • The Russian Beast From 1958 (12/7/04 entry): Strategy Page reveals that the new Chinese Type 99 main battle tank is really nothing more than a modernized Russian tank from the early Cold War.
  • SHOOT TO PROTECT: Defense Tech has more (and links) on the Full Spectrum Active Protection Close-In Shield (FCLAS), an active defense against RPGs and missiles for ground vehicles.

That’s it for now. There’s more, and maybe I’ll post some additional quick hits later if I get the chance.


  1. Re: the voting machine article, In my California district, we used paper and indelible ink pens. It worked beautifully. The only thing I would add electronically, is the ability of the voting station to print fresh ballots as needed; some districts, I hear, ran out of ballots. I would not want any kind of voting machine in my district, not just because of the possibility of fraud (voting receipt or no), but also bc of techincal issues, like sudden power outages or broken machines, etc.

  2. Sam: It seems that you and I disagree more often than we agree. But I’m with you 100% on this issue. I fear that even the RUMOR or THEORY of error, whether intentional or accidental, will work to weaken or destroy faith in the American election process. That is something we cannot afford.