I don’t think there are enough colors to list all of the contingencies

Modernizing the US Colored War Plans (12/8/04 entry)

James at Hell in a Handbasket notes a Strategy Page post summarizing the color-coded war plans. Worth a look.

Plus, James has a favorite.


  1. The new GOLD color contingency plan is fantastic. I give it high marks. Even better is the comment after that. ‘Going to war with france is like beating up a retarded kid.’ Posted by: NRAlifer at December 8, 2004 08:31 PM Reality is the ultimate comedian.

  2. And here’s my question, Why beat up on France? There’s no training value, except how to take totally helpless EPW’s (Enemy Prisoners of War: that’s what the proper term in current usage is) that can’t and don’t know how to fight back. I think we need a plan ‘urban camo’ with all those neat, keen, colors the kids wear on their ‘BDU’ pants these days. We can call it the ‘kerry plan’ where we go around and ask countries if it’s o.k. to bomb them.