Left-hander up!


So am I.

At least I never had to share my ball glove with other kids. But I suspect that “left-handed” scissors are just a sick joke perpetrated by right-handers.

Guitar, mouse, and scissors are all right-handed for me. As are firearms. And wrist watches.


  1. SWEET MERCY it all makes sense to me now. I too am left handed. The blog stated that left handers ‘are at greater risk of serious accidents compared to right-handers. So, all other things being equal, the left-handed trait, which is largely genetic, should have died out long ago in prehistory.’ With the amount of accidents I’ve had in my life I expect to die at any moment and agree I should have died long ago. Oddly, I seem to have been kept around for some purpose as of yet undetermined. Ahh the mysteries abound.