It’s not if you win or lose, it’s how much money you raise

Terry McAuliffe on Elections

Michael Williams quotes the WaPo:

DNC Chairman Terence R. McAuliffe declared: “Even though the pundits called the DNC ‘dead’ after McCain-Feingold, the American people said otherwise. Thanks to our strong grass-roots support, the Democratic Party surpassed every fundraising goal by a factor of three.”

and writes

That is impressive, but not quite as impressive as, you know, getting people elected.


If Dems want to think their only problem is Bible-banging rednecks, Bush’s lies, and electronic voting machine fraud (as in: nothing that they’re doing wrong) I’m more than happy to let them keep on keeping on.

Michael, you know you’re not supposed to interrupt your opponent when he’s in the middle of making a mistake.

UPDATE: Michael comments

If TM reads my site he’ll get a ton of pointers, most of which involve becoming a Republican.

Yeah, but I think he’s plenty happy with his current Kool-Aid.