I don’t really care which one, just so there’s one

Disney to support Blu-ray Disc

I’ve been watching the standards war that the next-generation DVD is in right now for a while. I’ve long thought that the blue laser format would win, but recently it looks like the fight is a toss-up.

Or worse: A draw.

If both standards become, um, standard, I will decide which one I support and will not purchase anything from the “other side.” This is stupid. It’s bad enough when it’s recordable-DVD formats that bother a rather small percentage of users who create their own material.

But to force a dual-standard system on buyers of pre-recorded movies is dumb dumb dumb. (via Slashdot)


  1. This is not the same as the betamax vs vhs war. Tape cartridges only have one ‘side’. DVDs have two sides…on which two different formats can be used for the same disk. 🙂

  2. Sam: That’s certainly POSSIBLE, but how LIKELY is it that manufacturers are going to go to the trouble and expense of making two-sided, dual-format discs, especially when they’ve got money invested in only one of the formats?

  3. well, crazier things have happened. But from what I understand, at least some of the HD-DVDs will at least initially be printed with a normal DVD version on the flip side…and chances are both BlueRay players and HDDVDs will be able to play normal DVDs so it should work out OK…in a mediocre kind of way. I could be wrong though.

  4. Sam: You’re right about that. I hadn’t thought about the backwards-compatibility of a standard DVD side allowing a dual-sided high def DVD to be played in all machines if the second side is a standard DVD. That’s not the same, though, as if I have a Blu-Ray player and I buy a HD-DVD disc, I won’t be watching a high def movie since I’ll have to use the standard-format DVD in my player. I’m not going to buy a high def disc to watch at standard-def movie.