Re-Recount Spreadsheet

Race for Washington State Governor LATEST VERSION: 1.57

Well, it’s been a few weeks, so I guess it’s time to count ballots in the Washington governor’s race again. As usual, you can track the recount with a nifty spreadsheet developed by my smarter brother.

Download the spreadsheet (138KB .xls file) by clicking on the Excel icon. Select “Save” and enable automatic refresh when you open it after downloading.

It should update every ten minutes with data from the website, and it will keep a running comparison between the counties re-recounted compared to the first (machine) recount.

Not sure how much interest there is in this second recount, but the first two spreadsheets went over quite well and my brother has been gracious enough to treat us to a third version.

I’ll also keep a screenshot up and update it from time to time. If you want the latest, download the spreadsheet and watch for yourself.

(Click for a better look)

UPDATE keeps changing their layout, which forces us to modify our sheet to account for their changes. (I personally think they’re doing it out of pure spite.) I’ll post the current version number at the top of this page. If your sheet is older, simply download the newest version. Sorry for the inconvenience.