UPDATE: Rummy grilled

Predictably, the question by the soldier to Rummy has captured the fancy of Legacy Media.

A friend of mine who just started his own blog on the MSN Spaces network found a good one:

I find it quite delightful that one of the outspoken politicians in this matter, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill) is bitching about why the government hasn’t bought more armor, just so happens to be the senator from the state that produces it. Granted, that’s his job to support his state’s interests but have we heard from this guy before on the matter? Was it news before the grilling of a Republican in a leadership position or because someone stocked the fire.

I went to his website to see what he had to say about providing the troops with all they need to be safe in Iraq after his beef if the news and this is what I found. It’s not exactly what I expected but I made sure to save this one for posterity.

Here’s a screenshot of Sen. Durbin’s Operation Iraqi Freedom “Troop Protection” page:

(Click for better look)

“Under construction. Please visit again soon.” Delicious.

In all fairness, Sen. Durbin has another page which has a letter he wrote in June to R.L. Brownlee, the acting Secretary of the Army. However, I can’t read the .pdf for some reason and I don’t know what’s in the letter. Durbin claims to have contacted the military about this issue before, so maybe this is that letter.

And keep an eye on Sgt Meengs USMC. (FULL DISCLOSURE: He’s a friend of mine.) He seems to have the knack for the rant.

UPDATE: Any chance that the GOP hacked in and replaced the real page with this “under construction” notice?

UPDATE 2: You all should know how critical I’ve been about the armor issue at times in the past, but even I’m surprised at the coverage this is getting. Donald Sensing has a great post up on the issue.