We don’t want their oil…We’re really trying to steal their bridges!

502nd Engineers move Mabey Johnson Bridge

While the entire world watches carefully for Halliburton to begin piping oil out of Iraq for free, the REAL plan is underway.

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Here’s the scoop:

Throughout November, about 35 Soldiers loosened, lifted, carried and otherwise dismantled the Mabey Johnson Bridge five miles south of Tikrit, and moved it to Assydnia, near Forward Operating Base Anaconda.

Seven floating spans connected two land spans, and engineers dismantled one span at a time. Normally, engineers start in the middle when dismantling a bridge, but not this time, according to Lt. Christina Williams, a platoon leader with the 502nd Engineer Co.

“Normally, you wouldn’t break it down like we did, but the commander had security concerns. So instead we started on one of the land sides, with Soldiers pulling security,” Williams said.

If any bridges suddenly show up in your neighborhood overnight, contact MO immediately. We aren’t going to let Cheney get away with this.

UPDATE: ACE beat me by hours on this one


  1. LOL! Weird how we think alike. No wonder some think we’re really the same guy. BTW, comments are working for me using IE. I was not getting the notes box using Mozilla Firefox. I’ll try to post there again later.

  2. I’m typing this comment using Firefox. Either the problem in not seeing the comments box was mine, or it’s solved. ACE out

  3. I was one of those soldiers and that happened to be are bridge (you know the United States), and we built that bridge to help the Iraq people.