Anyone have any similar experiences?

I had an idea for a bumper sticker to put up on Cafeshops right after the ObL video surfaced just before the election. I never finished it, but had pictures of Osama bin Laden, John Kerry, and Michael Moore, and was along the lines of “bin Laden & Kerry both ♥ Moore”.

Then I decided to let others take cheap shots and I dropped it. But I left my images up there.

Today I received a friendly little reminder from Cafeshops telling me that my images had been put on hold as they violated the Cafeshops rules against using popular figures without permission. I know that it had to be the images of Kerry and/or Moore and not bin Laden since a separate image of ObL was not marked “on hold”.

I’m wondering if anyone using pictures of George Bush ever gets their images banned at Cafeshops.


  1. I’m not in the business, so I can’t commiserate on that, but I did want to answer a question you asked a while back: The 82nd Commander has asked Rummy to relese the M8 AGS prototypes, which are still in a warehouse in PA, even though they were supposed to have been cleared to go to the 82nd back in March. We’ll see what Rummy says. ACE